Providing Staffing and Business Solutions in the United States

Don’t settle for less than the top candidates for the job. At CITP, we offer a range of business solutions in North Carolina for companies across a range of industries. When you consult with our professional staffing agency, you will find qualified and skilled employees to fill a range of positions. Additionally, our team offers several support services for your business, including consultations for payroll and IT recruitment. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

Professional Staffing Support

Are you looking for new talent for your IT, engineering, or administrative roles? In today’s job market, you can take the time to be picky about filling your roles. Let us assist you with your search.

Recruit and retain new staff members when you meet with our professional staffing agency for service. We are happy to assist you with your staffing challenges for nearly any position at your organization.

Service from Our IT Professionals

You rely on your IT systems to keep your business running. Make the right choice for your installations and repairs when you work with our IT professionals for service. Our experienced professionals have the expertise needed to tackle any situation. We offer an on-site consultation to determine your current needs. Count on us to handle every project.

Contact us to discover how we can assist your company. We offer a series of business solutions for professionals throughout North Carolina.